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Co-Lead Wedding

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Have someone you love perform your ceremony!

Have you ever wanted to have a friend or family member officiate your wedding ceremony, but the cost and time involved for them to get licensed for one wedding was just too much?

I have the answer!
For a fractional increase of the wedding cost (additional $250) and some extra time, I will coach and train anyone you choose how to lead your wedding ceremony.

I will:
- provide scripts,
- deliver coaching,
- coordinate with the Bride, Groom and the Co-Leader,
- seamlessly interact with the Co-Leader,
- perform the 5 legal items that I am licensed and obligated to do,
- show the Co-Leader exactly how to be a Master of Ceremonies and
- go over detail after detail until everyone is confident and ready to go
for a warm and wonderful wedding ceremony that you will remember forever.

The Co-Leader will do all the rest, right down to “you may kiss the Bride”!
All this for a small additional fee of $250.
It’s a great way to make your big day even more special! 

1. Process

The process is generally the same as a regular wedding, however there is a need to meet with the bride, groom, and Co-Leader to discuss the details and provide some Co-Leader coaching. I tell my brides and grooms that you will have all the fun, and also all the stress, of the planning, organizing the venue, flowers, food and drink, etc. However, the moment you start to walk down that aisle, you transfer all the stress to me and your choice of Co-Leader! During the ceremony I make sure everything goes according to plan. I want you to enjoy every second!

2. Pricing

Please call me (613-868-8316) to discuss pricing for your customized event. Our pricing is competitive. It will depend on the combination of features you desire for your special event and any travel expenses that may be required.

Let's Get Started

Let me know what you think, and we can start the process.

If you have any questions you would like to discuss, please call me at (613) 868-8316. We can set up a time to get together with you, your fiancé, and Co-Leader. The first meeting usually only takes 30 minutes. I am available nights and weekends.

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